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SH-055UN7_SH-055UN7L_SH-055UN7LW are equipped with advanced features for audio signal identification, separate display for WiFi signals, and precision dual tuners that allow users to tailor the device to their exact sensitivity and volume preferences.
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Professional use fix-type LCD Mobile phone detector for prison use - SH-055UAxF


We have developed an advanced version mobile phone detector that is SH-055UAxF professional use Fix-type mobile phone detector for prison and other places where mobile phones are prohibited to use.

SH-055UAxF has the following features:

1. Detect 5G sub 6 Frequency Band
   It has good detection capability for 5G (sub 6) 3300 ~ 3700 MHz.

2. Three Sensitivity Benchmarks
   SH-055UAxF has Low-Medium-High three benchmarks with 30 sensitivity  levels, which users can set the sensitivity according to the range wanting to be detected.

3. Clear Display
   When detected mobile phone radio wave, the LCD screen will display  the frequency band, the signal strength (dB value), and bars of  signal strength. Users can know the result immediately.

4. Easy use & No annoying setting
   SH-055UAxF is made for general use, no need for professional  electronic training or knowledge.

5. Individual frequency band sensitivity setting
   Users can adjust the sensitivity of each frequency band to fit  different detection sites and eliminate the interference of  neighboring base stations and conduct effective detection.



  If you do not need to detect a specific frequency band or only want to detect certain frequency bands, set the sensitivity level to 00 and press the minus (-) button again, the device will beep three times to confirm the deactivation of the selected frequency bands.

7. Two sets of Replay output
   SH-055UAxF has two sets of alarm outputs, one set is anti-cut and  power failure warning, another set is a detection warning when  detects the mobile phone signal.

8. Backup power
   SH-055UAxF has backup power from AAA / UM-4 rechargeable battery x 4 which can support this device operating for three hours after power  failure.

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SH-055UAxF  Professional use Fix-type GSM-3G-4G-5G Mobile Phone Detector

LCD Mobile phone detector - SH-055UAxx series


There are many wireless products nowadays, and the air is full of radio waves of various frequencies, especially WiFi everywhere. Most of the so-called full-featured detector responds to all kinds of radio waves but fail to indicate the signal type that general consumers will panic about too many alerts.

We develop SH-055UA especially to detect the 2G-3G-4G-5G radio waves of mobile phones. It does not interfere with the radio waves of other frequency bands than mobile phones.  It has a clear screen display and simple & easy operation. Both professionals and ordinary users can smoothly check whether someone is using a mobile phone.


SH-055UA has the following features:

1. DETECT 5G sub 6 FREQUENCY BAND: It has good detection capability for 5G sub 6 3300 ~ 3650 MHz. 



2. THREE SENSITIVITY BENCHMARKS: SH-055UA has Low-Medium-High three benchmarks, user can set the sensitivity benchmark according to the range to be detected.

For example, to detect a big room or a high ceiling room, set the benchmark at High can get a detection distance up to 20 meters radius.

To detect a small area, such as a prison cell, set the benchmark at Low can get a detection distance up to 5 ~ 6 meters radius. Then it is not easy to detect the radio waves from the next room.


3. TEN SENSITIVITY LEVELS: Each of the three benchmarks has ten sensitivity levels for users fine-tuning the detection distance. When detected mobile phone signals, lower the sensitivity gradually to get closer to the signal source.


4. CLEAR DISPLAY: When detected mobile phone radio wave, the LCD screen will display the frequency band, the signal strength (dB value), and bars of signal strength. Both ordinary users and professionals can
know the result immediately.


5. FOUR WARNING MODES: It has Beep, Vibration, Beep + Vibration, and Silent for selection. If set warning mode to Silent, plug in the earphone to detect by listening.


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SH-055UA New Mobile Phone Detector

Enhanced All-in-one hidden camera detector, SH-055UEMR+


SH-055UEMR has applied new "EMR Detection" which can detect electromagnetic radiation from the new hidden camera with the Micro SD memory card. This function can also detect the mobile phone set in airplane mode.

We now roll out enhanced model SH-055UEMR+ with upgrade functions:

1. Auto mode: After start up AUTO mode, the Lens Finder will light up  automatically to help identifying camera lens when to detected RF  wireless signal.

2. Stronger detection ability of magnetic mount GPS tracker and RF  wireless signal.

3. Support rechargeable battery and power bank.

4. Display the charging status

SH-055UEMR+ can detect signals from all kinds of wireless devices during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz. It has good detection capability for radio waves of 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, 2G / 3G / 4G mobile phone, especially it can detect 5G (3300 ~ 3650 MHz) mobile phone signal up to 7 meters.

SH-055UEMR+ can detect all kinds of hidden cameras, no matter wireless RF camera, wired camera or Micro SD hidden camera.

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SH-055UEMR+ Enhanced All-in-one hidden camera detector

SH-055U8LN+ and SH-055U8LNW+ have TWO major upgrades

1. SH-055U8LN+ & SH-055U8LNW+ apply with new IC to enhance the display
   of digital signal. It can detect 1mW 2.4G WiFi IP camera in 2 meters
   with very clear LED indication.

   SH-055U8LN+ & SH-055U8LNW+ also greatly improve the detection distance
   of other digital signals, such as 30% longer for 2.4G WiFi and 130%
   longer for 4G 1800.

2. Added charging LED display to show the charging status.

SH-055UOF Power off phone DETECTOR nice for entry inspection



Everyone knows that mobile phones now are used not only for phone calls,
but most for many jobs through internet. 4G and 5G provide
higher and higher transmission speeds, sending large amounts of data in a second.

Protection for valuable information, commercial and industrial secrets
of government, military, factories and enterprises become major
security issues. Therefore, mobile phones are not allowed in many

SH-055UOF can detect mobile phones that have been turned off, removed
battery, removed SIM card or set in airplane mode. It is the best
HANDHELD tool for security guard to check if the entry person is
carrying mobile phone.

SH-055UOF can last for 36 hours after full charged in stand by mode. It
has unique technologies as follows.

After every power-on, SH-055UOF will run auto environment adaption to
adjust itself to suitable detecting benchmark according to the place of
use. This advanced technology help user get good detecting result in
most of places, no matter expert or novice.

Not like others apply metal detecting technology for entry inspection
and cause lots of false alarm. SH-055UOF will not issue false alarm on
metal products such as keys, nail clippers, watches, belt heads,
glasses and jewelry, etc.

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SH-055UGTM GPS tracker Detector with Magnet Finder


SH-055UGTM professional is made with clear indication to show you if the car is installed with GPS tracker, no matter what kind of transmission technologies and cell networks (mobile phone system): GPRS (mobile data transmission) or SM (Short message), 2G or 3G 2100 or 4G,or 5G(sub6).

SH-055UGTM add-on Magnetic Finder can help user to check if there is magnetic mount GPS tracker, no matter the GPS tracker is switched on or off.


GPS tracker can not send out signals in the place with poor GPS signal, such as: downtown street with high-rise buildings, dense woods, metal shelters, near high-voltage tower and indoor parking lots, etc. This magnetic finder
can assist in detecting magnetic mount GPS tracker.


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Suresafe can detect 5G (sub 6) frequency bands


We take pleasure to inform you that our detector series are able to
detect 5G sub 6 frequency bands. 5G n78 (3300 - 3800 MHz) is the major
frequency band used in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our
detectors can detect n78 (3500 MHz) from 2.5 meters to 8.5 meters,
according to different models, tested by SAMSUNG Galaxy A42 5G mobile
phone with 5G base station signal strength -92 dBm.

Our detectors are not only good in n78 detection, they are also able to
detect the other frequency bands used in USA and Canada, so as n2, n5,
n41, n66 (USA) / n7, n38, n66, n71 (Canada).

Find wireless video camera and also Detect WiFi IP camera - VS-124

WiFi is popular in most places and more and more peeping cameras use IP
cameras in many types: pinhole, alarm clock, power charger, AC adaptor,

We take pleasure to inform you that we have upgraded our VS-123 with
WiFi IP camera verification, the new model No. is VS-124.

The new VS-124 can catch the image of 1.2G / 2.4G / 5.8G wireless video
camera and also identify the activities of WiFi IP camera to discover
unpermitted IP camera operation. VS-124 covers analog video camera and
digital WiFi IP camera.

Please click the following weblink to view the product information:


* VS-124 detects the activities of WiFi signal, but does not read the WiFi data. So, VS-124 will not  display image of WiFi IP camera.

SH-055UAJLW RF Bug Detector with Audio receiver and Noise generator (NEW)


SH-055UAJLW detects wireless RF signals during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz,
including RF bug (wireless hidden microphone), wireless camera, WiFi and
2G / 3G / 4G mobile phones.

   This device has an additional audio receiver which can hear the
   conversation from FM wireless RF bug (hidden microphone) and display
   through built-in speaker or earphone.

   Its sensitivity is about –60 dBm at 400 MHz, can detect 2 mW FM
   wireless RF bug about 70 feet (20 meters).

   Lots of distributors and government customers inquired if any device
   can detect audio recording device. No, not any detector can detect
   any audio recording device.

   But, this device equips an extra noise generator to interrupt ANY
   FORMS of audio recording and to protect your important conversation,
   so as wireless and wired microphones, tape recorders, digital
   recorder and mobile phones.

   This device can detect and locate new bug and new spy camera applied
   with 3G / 4G interneting technology and remote controlled by

   All other audio receivers neither help you to find the bug nor
   display any voice if none is talking. This device can find bug in
   silent place. It has a sensitivity tuner for user to lower the
   sensitivity a little by little, and then approach to find the signal
   source gradually.

Please click the following web link to view the products information :


SH-055UGT GPS tracker DETECTOR is the best tool to disclose covert GPS tracker

Sales of GPS tracker is increasing sharply, especial for covert
GPS tracking. If you are targeted, the trailer knows where
were you been, what you talked with other. Many people come
to us for solution, including distributors seek an efficacious
detector eagerly.

The new SH-055UGT professional is made with clear indication
to show you if the car is installed with GPS tracker, no matter
what kind of transmission technologies and cell networks
(mobile phone system): GPRS (mobile data transmission) or SM
(Short message), 2G or 3G or 4G.

SH-055UGT applies with our core technologies: Reliable default
benchmark and Auto environment check, help user get good detecting
result in most of places, no matter expert or novice. User never
leads to poor or failed detection result.

Please click the following weblink to review the product information :

SH-055UGT (with individual 3G 2100 detection module)

SH-055UGTA (for American areas where don't use 3G 2100 mobile system)

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