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SH-055UN7_SH-055UN7L_SH-055UN7LW are equipped with advanced features for audio signal identification, separate display for WiFi signals, and precision dual tuners that allow users to tailor the device to their exact sensitivity and volume preferences.
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Why I tried the function of magnet finder with 2 other GPS tracker, then SH-055UEMR & SH-055UEMr+ worked perfectly ?

Different detection distances are not a problem; the strength of the magnet  on the GPS tracker will affect the detection result.

For your information, a GPS tracker with weak magnetic force is not likely to securely adhere to the outside of a car for tracking purposes; it may easily be shaken off when driving on uneven surfaces.

Do your cellphone detectors can detect the smartphone in standy mode? in OFF mode? in airplane(flight) mode?


If the smartphone is in standby mode, the detector will trigger intermittently. This is because mobile phones remain connected to the base station, which sends signals to the phone for automatic  re-registration.

The interval time and number of times of registration differ among different networks and cell phones. Sometimes, the cellphone detectors remain silent that is natural reaction.

If the smartphone is in flight mode or powered off, the phone remains inactive, and the detector will remain silent.

What is standard detection range ? and what is temperature & humidity for SH-055UAx portable & SH-055UAxF fix type LCD mobile phone detector can handle ?


1). Setting the Sensitivity benchmark to "L" (level: 00~09) results in a  detection range of approximately 5 to 6 meters.

2). When the Sensitivity benchmark is set to "M" (level: 10~19) the detection  range extends to around 10 meters.
3). Choosing the Sensitivity benchmark of "H" (level: 20~29) greatly enhances the detection range, reaching approximately 20 meters.
Please be aware that the detection range depends on the signal strength of the base station and the type of cellphone in use.


SH-055UAx & SH-055UAxF can handle the temperature is during 0 ~ 60℃, and the humidity is 5 ~ 80%.


What bands are exactly on red / blue/ white antennas of SH-055UAx ?


Red antenna   : Covering 650 / 700 / 800 / 900 MHz frequency bands

White antenna: Covering 1500MHz ~ 2600MHz frequency bands

Blue antenna  : Covering 5G 3300 ~ 3700MHz frequency bands



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Why your cellphone detectors are giving continuous beeps no matter if the cell phone is closed or away from the detectors?


For your information, our most of cellphone detectors can detect all kinds of wireless devices from 50MHz ~ 6.0GHz.

Before detection, first disconnect the WiFi of all devices on the spot and set other cellphones at airplane mode to avoid interferences with WiFi and cellphone standby signals, only remain one cellphone is ON for test use.


When pressing the button to turn on the magnetic detection, the alarm goes off even if there is no magnetic source.


Some magnetic sensors have a higher Affinity with Earth magnetism and will be interfered in the place with higher Earth magnetism.

This is a natural reaction. We have a NOTICE label on the package for the user's attention.


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What is detecting range of SH-055UEMR+ for GSM, 4G, 5G, and 5G WiFi IP cameras?


We take the occasion to list the detecting range of SH-055UEMR+, as follows:

1). SH-055UEMR+ can detect Smartphone 4G up to 4.5 meters
2). SH-055UEMR+ can detect Smartphone 5G (3300~3700MHz) up to 2 meters
3). SH-055UEMR+ can detect Smartphone GSM up to 4.5 meters
4). SH-055UEMR+ can detect 5G WiFi IP cameras up to 0.5 meters

Detecting distance will be varied subject to the signal strength & cellphone
model. The above distances were tested in our site, just for your reference only.



SH-055UEMR/SH-055UEMR+ sounded like a screw or small part inside when shaken


When shaking the SH-055UEMR & SH-055UEMR+, you might notice a sound similar to that of a loose screw or small part inside. Please don't be concerned.

The rattle is caused by the red piece of the Lens finder, which is sandwiched in the middle. It is movable and not fixed.


What kind of reasons might interfere to effective range of GMD-15P man down alarm system?


 1. When there are people or metal objects between the man   down units,
     the radio waves might be absorbed or reflected, so the effective
     range will become shorter than usual.

 2. The effective range will become shorter if there is metal object or
      metal wall around the man down unit.

 3. The effective range will become shorter if the man down unit is very
     close to ground or concrete wall.

 4. The effective range will become very short than usual when the battery
     runs down.

 5. The effective range will become longer when used in a narrow alley,

Who mainly uses SH-055UAx professional type cellphone detector ?


From our experiences, our customers use SH-055UAx professional type cell phone detector to detect cellphones in prison, military, government organization and hi-tech factory where do not allow people to use  cellphones.

Why your detectors do not detect GSM signal as far as before?

In before, output power of most of GSM phones were about 600mW. Our
detectors could detect [GSM phone] signal up to 15 meters or more.
Now [GSM phones] were phased out, smartphone can support GSM system,
but output power of GSM signal is similar to 4G (about 200mW or less)
and will vary according to the location of base station. So our detectors
do not detect GSM signal as far as before.

If I want to locate the WIFI camera, how should I do it?

When identified WiFi activities, press (+) button in left side of VS-124 for 3
 seconds to lock at current channel.

Turn the sensitivity counterclockwise to reduce the detection distance, then to approach the location of signal source.



-  After verified the WiFi activity, VS-124 will vibrate and beep.
    Turn the sensitivity tuner to "6" and wait for 5 seconds. If vibration
    and beep stop, forward one footstep and hold this device to scan
    half around to find the direction with WiFi activity.
- After VS-124 keeps vibration and beep, lower the sensitivity to "3",
   when vibration and beep stop, forward one footstep and hold this
   device to scan half around.
- When verified the activity of WiFi again, according to above method,
   lower the sensitivity and forward one footstep, can approach to the
   location of signal source.

Which item can discover hidden cameras with micro SD & Voice recorder?

It is SH-055UEMR. This device updates with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) detection module which can identify all the micro SD hidden camera & Voice recorder, so as clock, USB charger, cloth hanger and USB driver.... etc.

SH-055UEMR then will vibrate if detect the hidden camera or voice recorder is switched On.

Can VS-124 display image of WiFi IP camera ?

No. VS-124 detects the activities of WiFi signal, but does not read the WiFi data, so VS-124 will NOT display image of WiFi IP camera.

After verified WiFi activity, VS-124 will vibrate and beep.


SH-055SDV will beep and vibrate when scan the GSM bug, but when to detect other wireless camera and wireless bug, the LEDs of SH-055SDV light up, but neither beep nor vibration.

Yes.  SH-055SDV is a high sensitive detector, it surely can detect RF (radio frequency) signal during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz.

The LEDs lighting up indicates that there is wireless device operating around.  No beep or no vibration menas that the signal is not GSM signal.


~ SH-055SDV was phased out ~

We do not know how to operate SH-055SDV correctly, does SH-055SDV has special operation method ?

No. SH-055SDV does not need special operation method, just different definitionn on the warning.

SH-055SDV will verify received signal is GSM signal or not. If it is GSM signal, the detector will beep or vibrate to notify the user.  If it is other wireless signal, the detector will beep in silent.


~ SH-055SDV was phased out ~

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