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SH-055UOF detects mobile phones that have been turned off, removed battery, removed SIM card, or set in airplane mode.


Q&A of GSM and GPS Tracker Detector

Product ID: SH-055SDV / 90123

Q: If I have 3G 2100 GPS tracker, can SH-055SDV detect it ?

A: No. Because SH-055SDV is designed to detect GSM & 4G signals well,  but SH-055SDV is insensitive with 3G 2100.

Q: We do not know how to operate SH-055SDV correctly, does SH-055SDV need special operation ? 

A: No. SH-055SDV does not need special operation, it just has different definition on its alert mode. SH-055SDV will beep or vibrate to notify the user if the received signal is GSM signal. Otherwise, SH-055SDV will not beep or vibrate for other kind of signal.

Q: Even SH-055SDV will not beep and vibrate for other signal of wireless camera and wireless bug, but why the LEDs of SH-055SDVstill light up ?

A: Yes. SH-055SDV is a high sensitive detector, it surely can detect RF (radio frequency) signal during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz. Its LEDs shall light up if there is wireless device operating around, but no beep or vibration, because the signal is not GSM signal.


  • Size: L 87 x W 55 x T 24mm
  • Weight: about 90g (including batteries)
  • Power: 3V DC (AAA/UM-4 battery x 2)
  • Detecting distance for 2G cellular phone up to 20 feet.
  • Warning mode :
    • Audible alarm and 3 LEDs display
    • Vibration and 3 LEDs display
    • Silent, 3 LEDs display and earphone
  • Scan and find GSM_4G bug hidden in your home, office, or car.
  • Sweep your car for any hidden GSM_4G GPS trackers.
  • Quickly scan for hidden tracking or listening devices with GSM_4G communication.
  • Detecting Unauthorized GSM Phone Use.
  • Without interfering with 2-way radio, cordless phone, wireless camera or body bug, etc.
  • Without interfering with Wi-Fi or DECT wireless phone system. 
  • Sensitivity controller can adjust working range. 
  • 100% legal use in all the world.


Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
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