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SH-055UGT GPS tracker DETECTOR is the best tool to disclose covert GPS tracker

Sales of GPS tracker is increasing sharply, especial for covert
GPS tracking. If you are targeted, the trailer knows where
were you been, what you talked with other. Many people come
to us for solution, including distributors seek an efficacious
detector eagerly.

The new SH-055UGT professional is made with clear indication
to show you if the car is installed with GPS tracker, no matter
what kind of transmission technologies and cell networks
(mobile phone system): GPRS (mobile data transmission) or SM
(Short message), 2G or 3G or 4G.

SH-055UGT applies with our core technologies: Reliable default
benchmark and Auto environment check, help user get good detecting
result in most of places, no matter expert or novice. User never
leads to poor or failed detection result.

Please click the following weblink to review the product information :

SH-055UGT (with individual 3G 2100 detection module)

SH-055UGTA (for American areas where don't use 3G 2100 mobile system)

Work site safety - 2Y80 Two Way Approaching Warning System

Suresafe Human Safety series

2Y80 2-WAY Work Site Approaching Warning System
This system is design to protect worker avoiding impact by working
machinery or approaching dangerous place with chemical or gas, etc. This
system keeps protection in poor visibility and noise environments even
the worker might not see or hear the machinery.

One system can have 20 Machine units (Receivers) and 80 Worker units
(Transmitters). The worker unit is installed inside the worker helmet
with breakthrough TRIANGULATION technology that ensures precise sensing
range for higher security requirement. The Machine unit is installed on
construction machinery or factory machinery.

When the worker is approaching to the machinery within the pre-set
distance, the buzzer of worker unit will start buzzing to warn the
worker. Meanwhile, the relay output of machine unit will trigger the
external alarm to notice machinery driver or forklift operator.

This system has unique features as follows.


2. WIDE SENSING RANGE: Maximum sensing range is about 120 meters



5. POWER SAVING: Just two AA batteries can last the worker unit for one
   year continuous use.


Please click the following web link to view the products information :


SH-055UN7 Multi use RF Bug Detector

WiFi is popular everywhere nowadays, so as: public places, schools,
shops and homes. This phenomenon brings more difficulties in radio
frequency detection / inspection.

In the place with WiFi, the detector will detect the WiFi radio wave and
the buzzer always beep, and the warning LED always light up. Under such
circumstance, not only the consumer, even the expert does not know how
to handle this situation and could not find the suspicious peeping
camera or hidden microphone (bug). People will be panic under above

For example: Staff of convention center executes environmental inspection
to check if any wireless pinhole camera. After switch on their detector,
it detects WiFi radio wave, the buzzer goes off and alert LED lights up,
how can detect pinhole camera and bug ?

Suresafe SH-055UN7 new detector can auto identify and display the type
of detected radio wave. In the environment with WiFi, the blue LED, marking
with WiFi, will light up to tell the user that there is WiFi signal, after
check and verify the detected radio waves. So, the user will not be panicked
at unknown signal.

This exclusive feature of WiFi indication also can help the expert to
show supervisor or customer that the alert of detector is not wireless
pinhole camera or bug.

When to detect radio wave of wireless pinhole camera, bug or cell phone,
the signal type indication will shift to yellow LED instantly to notice
abnormal radio wave obviously.

SH-055UN7 Multi use RF Bug Detector

3G / 4G networks have fast data rate providing more convenient for
accessing mobile interneting anywhere. New bug (hidden microphone) and
spy camera are applied 3G / 4G technology to be remote controlled by

SH-055UN7 has good detecting ability with 3G / 4G and also NEW expert
functions which normally reserve for high priced apparatus.

1. SH-055UN7 can detect all the wireless bugs during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz,
   other audio receivers cover up to 900 MHz only.

2. Not only detect the wireless bug, but also detect the following

   - GSM / 3G Bug
   - Wireless Analog Camera
   - Wireless Digital camera / IP Camera
   - 3G Spy Camera
   - WiFi

   - GSM Phone
   - 3G / 4G Smartphone
   - GPS Tracker
   - other radio devices operating in 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz.

3. Power-On self-test ensures all functions in normal condition.

4. Clear LED indications enable user know the setting of warning
   mode, battery and charging status directly.

5. Auto indication of detected signal type

6. Support power bank for long time use

7. Standby / idle 4G smartphone detection

Please click the following weblink to view the product information:


2G/3G/4G Cellphone detector

UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) cell networks are popular employed in most of
countries. The fast data speed provides more convenient for 3G / 4G and
CDMA cell phone to access mobile internetting anytime and anywhere.
Mobile internetting user has been far surpassing than WiFi internetting.
Previous WiFi monitoring system could not be aware of unwanted mobile

Besides, new hidden microphone (bug) and spy camera have applied GSM /
3G / 4G technology to be remote controlled by cellphone from anywhere.

Our cellphone detector can detect the cellphone activity of mobile
internetting, GSM / 3G bug and 3G / 4G spy camera. We would like to
pick up four models as listed below for your selection.

1. SH-055DRV

2. SH-055U8L

3. SH-055UMW

4. SH-055UF

They are able to detect GSM and Smart phones of all the cell networks.
SH-055DRV, SH-055U8L and SH-055UMW are universal models for all the
world. SH-055UF is professional model, with excellent detecting ability
for individual network.


SH-055U8LP Versatile RF Signal Detector

We believe that you are always looking for versatile and economy product
to increase your sales, we have some Versatile detectors should meet
your interests. This time, we would like to introduce you SH-055U8LP.

SH-055U8LP has applied our invented technologies of Digital sensitivity
adjustment and Auto threshold setting. It has features as follows:

1. Wide Detect Frequency Range: 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
2. Foolproof Operation
3. Foolproof Indication
4. Reliable Default Threshold
5. Standby / Idle Phone Registration Detection

SH-055U8LP can detect almost all the wireless devices during 50 MHz ~
6.0 MHz. We list the detected object in the below for your study.

1. Wireless Bug
2. GSM / 3G Bug
3. Wireless Analog Camera
4. Wireless Digital camera / IP Camera
5. 3G Camera

6. WiFi
7. GSM Phone
8. 3G / 4G Smartphone
9. GPS Tracker
10.Wired Camera

11. Signal Source Aiming
12. Two-Way Mirror

SH-055U8LP has a Lens finder with 8 ultra-bright lights which can scan
and help to find out the wired camera or an unopened wireless camera by
checking the reflection of illuminated light on the camera lens.

SH-055U8LP also has a Laser pointer. When detected signal, the laser
pointer will light up to aim the possible direction. This laser-assisted
direction indication makes the scan job more easily and more directly.

Furthermore, the laster pointer of SH-055U8LP also can identify the
two-way mirror which has a spy camera hided inside.

SH-055U8LP is nice for both greenhand and expert, should meet user's all

MD-15PD man down alarm system

We take pleasure to introduce you the NEW application of our man down alarm system.

The new model is MD-15PD which is designed for fleet management company to protect their truck driver. MD-15PD consists of one receiver MD-15RTM and one pager MD-15PS. The receiver MD-15RTM accept power input during 12V - 24V for user to connect with car power. MD-15RTM has relay output (NO, Normal Open) to connect relay output wire with SOS button of GPS tracking system.

The pager MD-15PS is applied on truck driver. If the truck driver is fell down or non-moving due to accident of faint or heart attack, man down unit emit alarm signal automatically.

When the receiver receives signal from the pager, the relay output will activate the SOS button of GPS tracking system.

Please click the following weblink to view the product information : http://www.suresafe.com.tw/Man-Down-Alarm-System-Lone-Workers-Alarm.html