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SH-055SDV will beep and vibrate when scan the GSM bug, but when to detect other wireless camera and wireless bug, the LEDs of SH-055SDV light up, but neither beep nor vibration.

Yes.  SH-055SDV is a high sensitive detector, it surely can detect RF (radio frequency) signal during 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz.

The LEDs lighting up indicates that there is wireless device operating around.  No beep or no vibration menas that the signal is not GSM signal

We do not know how to operate SH-055SDV correctly, does SH-055SDV has special operation method ?

No. SH-055SDV does not need special operation method, just different definitionn on the warning.

SH-055SDV will verify received signal is GSM signal or not. If it is GSM signal, the detector will beep or vibrate to notify the user.  If it is other wireless signal, the detector will beep in silent.