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Wireless Anti-theft Property Exit Control System

Product ID: SH-051CFN / 80810

How to prevent valuables lost ?

Office theft is popular nowadays. To discourage the office theft,
you do not have to be an expert on security. Suresafe offers you
simple, easy yet efficient solutions to reduce your risk.

This advanced wireless Anti-theft system applies precision
technology to guard your valuable devices with the thief's
completely unaware of it.

SH-051CFN comprises of one or several alarm units link with
many transmitters. The alarm unit is installed at the gate, exit or

There are two kinds of transmitter can be used with the alarm unit.

1. The CF card type transmitter is small enough to apply to
    anything you want to protect. It is almost the same size as the Compact Flash
    card, built with motion sensor.

2. The CF card type transmitter will stay in standby mode. When the attempt 
    thief moves the protected object, the transmitter will sense the movement
    and start to emit signals and then stop automatically.

3. The transmitter has battery low warning. When the battery runs down, the red
    LED will light up to notice the user to replace new battery.

4. Effective distance of standard type transmitter is up to 20 meters in indoor
    open space. 

1. This CF card transmitter has the same function and dimension as standard
    type, but with extension antenna for longer effective distance.

2. Effective distance of long distance type transmitter is up to 45 meters..


1. The alarm unit will remain inert when all the transmitters stay outside the
    pre-set distance. When the attempt thief brings the protected object
    (applied with the Transmitter) approaching to the alarm unit within the pre-set
    distance, the alarm unit will start to emit 70dB small alarm as pre-alarm to
    notify the keeper and to discourage the theft.

2. The transmitter is applied to the protected object and the alarm unit is 
    installed at the exit. When the thief bring the protected object approach to  
    the exit within pre-set range, then the loud alarm will go off to attract  
    attentions until the protected object back over the vigilance zone or the alarm
    unit is reset.

3. User can set its own effective distance by the distance tuner and the attenna
    length on the alarm unit.

No need of annoying programming or wiring, this anti-theft Exit control system is high precision, allowing many transmitters emit simultaneously without miss.

Power saving technology 
The power consumption of transmitter is only 15uA in standby mode. The battery capacity of CR2025 lithium battery is 150mA. This means that one new battery can last over one year in standby mode.


● Prevent visitor forget to return the demo device in shop or exhibition.
● Protect any high priced devices in office, school or shop.
● Prevent the theft in gallery, museum, office or factory, etc.


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 Alarm unit

 AC adaptor

 AAA/UM4 battery x 3, 4.5V DC

 CF card type Transmitter

 CR2025 x 1, 3V DC

 Battery duration

 Alarm unit

 16 hours per day, about 14 days.

 CF card type Transmitter

 Over one year in standby mode


 Alarm unit

 103g (including battery)

 CF card type Transmitter

 10g (including battery)


 Alarm unit

 L 92 x W 42 x T29 mm

 CF card type Transmitter

 L 44 x W 43 x T4 mm

 Effective distance

 Standard type Transmitter

  1M-20M adjustable

 Long distance Transmitter

  5M–45M adjustable

 Power  consumption

 Alarm unit

 4.6mA in standby mode

 CF card type Transmitter

 15uA in standby mode

 Alarm sound

 High 100dB, Low 70 dB

 Receiving sensitivity of Alarm unit

 - 80dBm

 Output power of CF card type Transmitter

 < 5µW

 Transmitter emission

 Trigger by motion sensor


● Invisible, thief is unable to disarm.

● Wireless, no annoying wiring.

● Easy and simple installation

● Adjustable distance setting and pre-alarm time setting

● One alarm unit can links hundreds transmitter

● Allows many transmitters emit simultaneously without interference.



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