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SH-055NRF Versatile RF Signal Detector with Expert 2.4G WiFi IP Camera detection


Order information of GMD-15P

Product ID: GMD-15P / 80412


Model Description
 MD-15P  Man down unit: up to 15 members per group
 MD-15R1  Repeater: extend protection distance
 MD-15B  3 kinds Base unit with different alarm sound:
 MD-15BS, MD-15BB, MD-15BV


Assort. Man down unit Repeater Base unit
1 MD-15P ------ ------
2 MD-15P MD-15R1  ------
3 MD-15P  ------ MD-15B
4 MD-15P MD-15R1 MD-15B

GMD-15P is a flexible system, can be operated in different assortment.
1.MD-15P only: User can start with some MD-15P Man down units. Each unit can receive signal from other units (members) in same group, and also send signal to other units (members) to call help.
2. MD-15P Man down units add MD-15R1 Repeater to extend the effective distance.
3. MD-15P Man down units add MD-15B Base unit to have audible and visual warning to attract attention when either Man down unit sends call help signal. The Base unit has 7 segment LED to display the code of MD-15P which send call help signal.

4. MD-15P + MD-15R1 + MD-15B: This assortment is basic complete set. MD-15R1 Repeater receives the signal of MD-15 Man down unit and forward it to MD-15B Base unit.
 ■ For single user and smaller group, please refer to GMD-15PD.
 ■ For bigger group, please refer to GMD-99P for 99 users, or GMD-4KPfor 4000 users.

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Order Information:
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Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Dennis Huang
Contact:General Manager
Address:11F-1, No. 29, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road Taipei City, 106 Taiwan
TEL:886-2-23626787 (Rep.)

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