2.4GHz Wireless Camera Jammer with auto On/Off control

Product ID: 24JMPA / 60202

This new device applies with our invented "first detect then jam" technology for efficient protection.  The jammer will stay in standby and start to jam until its detector verified wireless camera radio waves around.

Instead of jaming all day long, this new device only jams when it finds wireless camera, this can save a lot of electric power.  The jammer is auto On/Off controlled by the detector, it jams three minutes and then stop automatically every time the detector verifies there is wireless camera operating in the detecting range.

This device has unit "Background noise filter" to reduce the unfavorable impact by the resident radio waves.  It will not cause false alarm with mobile phone or WiFi signals.  Its detector has a sensitivity tuner for user to set its own protecting distance.

Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation and no need of professional knowledge or skill, this is a DIY designed device to suit everywhere.

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* Size: L 19 x T 4 x H 28 cm (including antenna)
* Weight: about 400g
* Power: Available during 9V ~ 16V DC

* Warning mode: 10 LEDs
* Alarm output: 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output
* Sensitivity tuner: Eliminate the environment interference (background noise)

* Detecting distance: upto 20 meters (60 feet) radius for 2.4GHz wireless camera (100mW)
*Jamming distance: upto 20 meters (60 feet) radius


* Without interfere with mobile phone and WiFi
* Environment Noise Verification
* Background noise filter

* NO-NC Alarm output
* Superior sensitivity
* Sensitivity tuner for adjust the protect distance

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